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An Appreciation of L. S. Lowry

Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887 - 1976) was born in Stretford, Manchester, and became one of Britain's most popular 20th Century artists.

An artistic 'outsider', he developed an interest in the urban and industrial landscape, and its people, making a unique contribution to recording the environment and culture of the industrial North of England.

Lowry's paintings and drawings need no introduction, as they are immediately recognisable, and his work is at the centre of the imagery of 20th Century British art.

A Lowry Industrial Town Scene

Panoramic vistas of industrial towns, street scenes with figures, family groups, harbours and beaches, children, animals and sports meetings - the subjects Lowry chose are more diverse than many people think.

The same qualities that made Lowry popular caused him to be less seriously celebrated by the artistic establishment. Neverthless, he exhibited over 80 works at the Royal Academy from 1932 onwards, and was elected a full member quite late in his career in 1962.

Lowry could be said to be a 'man of the people'. Almost every painting is populated with human figures - the people Lowry saw around him in his day to day life, all depicted in his distinctive naive primitive style, the figures popularly characterised as "matchstick men".

A Lowry Painting with Figures

On figures where the faces can be seen, a few simple dabs of paint mark out the eyes and other facial features, yet the figure still has character and humanity.

Whether Lowry painted the scenes he saw because he loved the industrial North, and painted the people that populated his pictures with the sympathetic eye of a kind, humane man - with wit, humility and compassion - or whether there was a darker side to his vision, remains uncertain. It is perhaps up to the viewer to decide.

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