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The Lowrys

Lowry : The Lowrys
A midnight blue presentation folder containing a set of three signed limited edition prints of portraits by L. S. Lowry, comprising Self Portrait, The Artist's Father and The Artist's Mother, together with numbered title page.

The prints were issued with a cased bronze portrait medallion of Lowry by Leopold Solomon (1919-1976). There is a numbered plaque within the medallion case, and a foundry authentication certificate for the bronze. The set was published on the occasion of the artist's 88th birthday.
Artist Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887 - 1976)
Title The Lowrys
Description Three Signed Limited Edition Reproduction Prints and a Bronze Medallion
Medium Lithographs & Bronze
Images 12.2 x 9.4 inches, 31 x 24 cm.
Medallion 5 inches, 12.7cm diameter
Edition 300
Printer Tempus Litho.
Foundry Bronze medallion cast by The Morris Singer Foundry Ltd.
Price Set currently out of stock.

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The Lowrys
The Lowrys : Self Portrait of The Artist
The Lowrys : Portrait of The Artist's Father
The Lowrys : Portrait of The Artist's Mother
The Lowrys : Bronze Portrait Medallion of Lowry with Certificate
The Lowrys : Bronze Portrait Medallion of Lowry - Close-Up
The Lowrys : Porttfolio Folder
The Lowrys : Porttfolio Folder Interior

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