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Types of Cookies

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Cookies Used By This Website

Cookie Cookie Name Lifetime ICC Classification Description / Purpose Source Pages Present
Settings Cookie cookieconsent_status 1 Year Necessary Remembers when a user has seen a cookie notice to avoid it appearing on every site page. LowryPrints.co.uk All pages.
Session Cookie PHPSESSID Session Necessary Enables PHP scripts or pages to function. LowryPrints.co.uk Contact forms.
Session Cookie TG_Tg_m_s Session Functionality Passes the name of an item a user wishes to enquire about to an enquiry form. LowryPrints.co.uk Stock item pages.
Settings Cookie TG_Tg_m_l 5.5 years Functionality Remembers a user's mailing list preferences. LowryPrints.co.uk Contact forms.
Settings Cookie TG_Tg_n_s_a 5.5 years Functionality Remembers a user's 'new stock' notification preferences. LowryPrints.co.uk Contact forms.

To see cookies currently in use on this, or any website, search for "cookie audit" or "cookie audit websites". These sites can provide an audit of all cookies in use on a website.

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Managing Cookies

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Web browsers also give you the option to delete cookies that have already been set, usually by accessing the list of cookies stored by the browser, and searching for the domain whose cookies you wish to delete.

In the case of cookies stored on a device by third parties when you use a website, the website owner normally has no control over such cookies, or how the third parties use them. Some are used to help the third party to provide a service to the website - providing digital maps, embedded video, social networking interaction, or anonymous data analysis, for example.

If you wish to reject third party cookies, you should be able to modify your browser settings to decline them. You could also visit the relevant third party's website directly to manage cookies placed on your machine by them.

If you want to reject interest-based advertising cookies placed on your computer or device, you can opt-out of receiving these cookies at any time by going to optout.networkadvertising.org or youronlinechoices.com and submitting an opt-out for the advertiser concerned.

Google offer a plugin to disable Google ad personalisation. This can be downloaded from their website. You can also disable personalisation in your Google Account settings, if you have a Google Account.

However, these opt-out mechanisms normally use cookies themselves, so if you clear the cookies from your browser, your opt-out will not be maintained.

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